Coaching for Dummies – Don’t Forget the Elements for Winning Baseball

I am not serious about this being coaching for dummies, but observing game day conditions can go along way towards victory.

There is more to helping one’s team win games than just good baseball strategy. Good baseball coaches are very observant of their surroundings. Coaches, who notice the little things and pass that knowledge on to players, greatly enhance their team’s chances at winning.

Things Baseball Coaches should be aware of:

coaching for dummies

coaching for dummies

Field Conditions – based on how wet (soft ground) or dry (hard ground) helps coaches determine how deep or shallow players are positioned, as well as determining how to run the bases, either conservatively or aggressively.

Weather Conditions – knowing which way the wind is blowing, sun and lighting conditions, weather forecast are all important to coaching winning baseball.

Field Surroundings – understanding whether a ball park plays big (far homerun fences) or small (short homerun fences), how far foul fences are beyond the bases, especially behind home plate, all help coaches manage winning baseball.

Not only is this coaching recognition important for winning, it also provides important safety tips for ball players. Knowing how far fences are away, the location of the sun, how much wind is present and how slick or hard the field is, all help players stay injury free.

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