Friday Base Running Secrets –  11 Coaching Base Running Tips

Coaching base running effectively is another key responsibility of the baseball coach. Just as base running, good coaches have many things that they must teach and remind players of before every pitch, as well as once the ball is put in play. Coaching base running is not as easy as many people think, because they often help determine whether base runners make the correct split second decisions.

So you think base running is easy? There are many things to know before every pitch and it is important to understand that any split second, decision-delay can mean the difference between out or safe. Good baseball coaches help players develop great base running instincts by teaching them to know the following:

coaching base running

coaching base running

  1. Their own Speed – many players overestimate their own speed, they must be realistic, aggressive but smart
  2. Where Ball is – nothing more important than knowledge of where the baseball is at all times
  3. Game Score – helps determine how aggressive runners can be
  4. Outs – always a necessity
  5. Where outfielders are playing – key for decision making on line drives to outfield
  6. Arms of outfielders
  7. Pitcher’s move and delivery quickness to home –
  8. Catcher’s arm – Crucial for taking lead offs and stealing bases
  9. Other base runners? Must be aware so do not over run them
  10.  Distance of back stops – key for knowing whether can advance on overthrows and passed balls
  11. When to look for the base coaches for decisions – should be rarely but when they cannot fine the ball

Coaching base running effectively takes experience too, and is a trial and error process.


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