Buying the Right Baseball Glove – Smaller is good, pre-broken is a must

Not too much is important for a young player’s baseball development than Buying the right baseball glove

Just as the wrong-sized baseball bat can lead to hitting mistakes, the wrong size baseball mitt does that, also. Similarly to batting, the mistake many players make is using gloves that are too too long, rather than too small of ones. Too big a glove at a young age makes it easier in some respects, because there is more surface to catch the ball in. However, long gloves are difficult to squeeze shut and kids do not learn to catch the ball in the correct area of the glove to help them down the road.

Buying the Right Baseball Glove

Buying the Right Baseball Glove

It is important that kids learn to catch balls in the palm area of the glove for many balls and not only in the big webbing area. This is especially true for infielders because they must develop a quick transfer of ball to throwing hand. That is more possible with catching the ball in the correct area of the glove, which happens with a smaller sized baseball mitt.

As mentioned, most kids do not have the hand strength to squeeze a stiff glove and by the time it loosens up, the season is over or they become totally frustrated, or tired, with trying to squeeze it shut.  When choosing a baseball glove for young players, just as important as size, are gloves that are already broken in. When the glove is not loose and it is the one bought, adults should use it for a period until the glove is ready to open and close easily, by the young ballplayer.

When players reach the higher levels of ball, they use a higher quality glove, which generally takes a good amount of time to break in. This breaking in is usually done in the off-season so it is game-ready on opening day.

Buying the Right baseball Glove is Crucial for Development

Often, position played determines the glove size for the player when they begin to play just one position. Middle infielders use the smallest glove, anywhere from 11 inches to 11 and a half inches long. Third basemen go with eleven and a half or eleven and three quarter inch gloves. Outfielders and pitchers use eleven and three quarters and twelve-inch baseball mitts.

There are different size catchers and first baseman mitts also. Finally, it is best that players try gloves on for size before buying, especially if buying from an on-line baseball equipment dealer. Trying other teammate’s gloves on, asking knowledgeable baseball coaches and trying gloves out a sporting goods store is good. Buying the right baseball glove makes the difference in players’ baseball futures, so careful condierations must occur.

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