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Negative Motivation Technique

Many baseball parents get in the practice of offering rewards for players. “I will take you to dinner for every hit you get today,” is a common parent practice. Does that mean no dinner if a child gets no hits – just kidding, of course, but that is implied? Rewards for kids’ performances as a motivation technique, especially monetary ones, usually ends up a negative for a couple of reasons.

  1. It takes kids’ focus away from where it should be
  2. It begins a behavior that is hard for parents to get out of

    negative motivation technique to avoid

    Motivation technique parents should avoid


It is important that players play for the correct reasons. Fun, teamwork, improvement, and socialization is where players’ focus should be and not winning $2 from mom. Playing for parental rewards often leads to disappointment and/or negotiation that turns into negative parent/child feelings. As mentioned, this type reward motivation technique is difficult to break out of, as kids begin to become dependent on earning something.

Just as coaches should not use physical exercise as punishment for poor play, monetary, gift or food rewards for good play is a motivation technique adults should avoid at any and all cost. The best motivational technique is that parents simply care and stay involved with their kids sports activities and life in general.

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