Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – King for a Day

It is not practical to have captains at the youth baseball level, but in an effort to continually find ways of making things fun, as well as finding ways to build kids’ self-esteem, I like the practice of picking a different player each practice to be “Captain for a Day.” These captains make the call on any practice type decisions that the coach has. For example, the coach has that days captain decide what skills the team works on first, second, etc or decides the batting order for that days practice or the captain may be asked to choose up sides for any team competition drills, etc.


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This is a great way to keep kids engaged, and it especially helps players, who have never been in such a leadership role, to become more engaged with the team, as well as feel good about themselves. Of course, some kids may not want to make the call on some decisions, so coaches should not force them to do so.

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