Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – Learn the Fundamentals First, Confidence Will Follow


Key to mental toughness is not in the head, after all?

If you have been around youth sports at all, you have probably heard some of these statements.

“Great swing but it’s in her head,” “He is psyched out,” “She gets so nervous,” “He loses aggressive in games,” “It’s mental”  “They can do it in practice, but not in games”


Image by fdtate via Flickr

When a parent says one of those when talking about their child, I respond with “I would rather have great fundamentals than have confidence.” Of course, I say that knowing that one (the fundamentals) leads to the other.

 People may be are right but there is a reason why it has gotten to their head. The fundamentals are not as good as one might think. Good fundamentals solve almost all things and good results usually follow.

 It is very difficult to change someone’s mental thoughts.  That is why there are sports psychologists, but helping them improve their fundamentals is easier, when players are willing to put in the work. Better fundamentals improve performance, which leads to confidence and mentally tougher players – guaranteed. 

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