Bonus Batting Practice Drill – Positive or Negative Rewards

Baseball, like most sports, requires a great deal of repetition. The repetition may become boring to players over the course of the season. It may be necessary to spice things up so players pick up their enthusiasm, or regain their focus. Baseball batting practice, either pre-game or off-day, sometimes gets a little stale for players and it is necessary for coaches to refocus players so they do not just go through the motions.

Batting Practice Drill

Batting Practice Drill

One way to do this is by offering rewards to hitters when they do something “right” during batting practice. The rewards are extra swings, which all players like to get.

Bonus swings can be awarded for any number of things, can be changed at each batting practice, and are usually based on a weakness the coach may be observing with the team’s recent in-game hitting.

Bonus Batting Practice Drill for Competitive Challenge

Players earn an extra swing for:

  1. Each completed bunt into fair territory
  2. Every hard hit line drive that makes it to the outfield grass
  3. Opposite field hits or pulled balls, based on teams negative tendencies
  4. Hard hit ground balls or fly balls, once again, based on teams negative actions
  5. Ground balls when working on hit and run swings

Of course, when time is limited, adding swings may run a little long, so baseball coaches can use the same idea in a negative way and take away swings. Players do not like to lose swings during this batting practice drill, so their concentration level and attention rises, which is the point, of course.

For example, when players do not get a bunt down fairly, they lose a swing, or when they pop balls up, they lose a swing.

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