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Best Ways to Motivate, but a Fine Line to Walk

 Inspirational words to motivate kids are useful, but motivational words are temporary. The best ways to motivate lies in the adult actions that kids draw inspiration from. Once kids gain that motivation, they develop great work habits that help them reach their athletic potential, which is all anyone can ask of them. 

Best Ways to Motivate Youth:

Coaches should give:


  1. Attention – showing legitimate interest in the activities that kids are involved with provides inspiration. Attending games, asking questions, listening, practicing with, showing enthusiasm and providing financial support are all means of showing kids that you are interested in the things that they are.
  2. Approval – positive words, well-timed smiles, recognizing little improvements, all help kids feel like a success.
  3. Attitude – Parents, who are positive with their attitude, develop positive thinking , enthusiastic kids. Those who do not, don’t.

Of course, many parents go overboard with those three, creating problems of their own.

Best Ways to Motivate – Not!

1.      Too much attention to the point where it seems like the sport is all about the parent is trouble.

2.      Too much approval gets into the false praise area, which is not good either.

3.      Negative and arrogant attitudes are never good.

Understanding these best ways to motivate youth helps adults feel good about themselves too, important for keeping the unavoidable parental and coaching pressure off kids.

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