Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – It’s Who the Teachers Are

I have seen it often, lazy youth turn into hard working adults with great motivation to succeed. Of course, it may take years to see the results of this motivational tool.

Nothing frustrates parents of baseball players more than seeing children lack the motivation to play or work hard at it. Unfortunately, kids may not like the game as much as parents would like them to and that is understandable, even though disappointing for many. However, teaching youth the value of hard work is important for their future. Pleading rarely works when kids are young and just are not that into the game.

However, nothing is more important than kids understanding the value in hard work. The best motivational tool lies with parents’ work ethic. When parents demonstrate a good work ethic, they show youth how adults behave. Although, kids may not work hard at a young age, they have the model for how adults do it, which usually pays off when youth mature.

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