Monday Motivational Tip of the Day – Keeping a “Book” for Self-Esteem

It helps when coaches remember each players’ baseball strengths and weaknesses from practice to practice, so they are not always “starting over” each time. Just as important is remembering little things about kids that are not necessarily related to their baseball skills. Just showing kids you remember them and recognize them as more than just “what they can do on a baseball diamond” is one of those secret motivational tools.

A baseball field drawn roughly to scale withou...

A baseball field drawn roughly to scale without labels (“clean”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing builds self-esteem in a kid more than just being recognized and even more so, being remembered. Feeling just a little special helps motivate kids,helps them gain self esteem, goes a long way with having kids trust their coaches and play hard for them.

“How’s your side,” is a statement I make to one of my hitting students every time I see her, even though it has been many years since I hit her in the side with a pitch. It gives us a connection that shows I feel bad I accidentally hit her, but most important, that I remember her, individually.

One of the best tools a coach can have is a memory of each player that makes that player feel a little special. Good coaches make the extra effort of remembering players, even if it means taking notes in a little book.


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