Tuesday Tips to Tattoo the ball  Tee Up, I Mean Tee Down

Of course hitting off a batting tee is not the same as facing live hitting. Additionally, when hitting off a batting tee, it is usually for developing the swing fundamentals, so the ball is set at the same tee location for quite a number of swings. However, some batting tee uses simulate live hitting, at least a little.

Photo of batter Dale Kasel - cropped from full...

Photo of batter Dale Kasel – cropped from full-length photo to show batting helmet for use on Wikipedia page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Baseball Batting Tee Drills

Batting Tee Method One – move tee location and height after every swing. This batting tee use simulates live hitting because no two pitches are the same. This is a little time consuming and tedious though.

Method Two – Set the same pitch location on the tee for three or four swings and then totally change the tee to the opposite and see if hitter can hit that first one solidly. For example, hitter takes four consecutive swings at a letter high location, before setting the tee at the knees for the next swing.

Method Three – Use more than one tee and place them at different locations, having hitters hit the location called out, or alternate hitting each, after the completion of the stride.

These are effective ways to use the tee, and especially great baseball hitting drills to see if hitters can quickly adjust to different pitches after seeing the same or a different ball on the batting tee.

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