Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – Baseball Themes for Greater Focus

Many of the great sport coaches have a different theme for every practice. When players walk in for that day’s practice, they are greeted with a word, or phrase, on the blackboard, wall, or bulletin board with that day’s theme. These baseball themes as focus, team, fun, desire, hustle, and resiliency are common as well as phrases like “the will to prepare,” or “Never give up.” The list is endless and youth coaches should follow their example and have a theme for every practice. Many of those baseball themes are good for baseball players of all ages, too.

Baseball coaches can use those inspiring concepts of course, but just as necessary are words that cover many of the aspect of baseball that teams need to work on. Simply having a theme for the day that describes a baseball fundamental that the coach feels the team needs to focus on is good, also.

Good fundamental baseball themes for defense include: Stay down
Back up –
Two Hands

Hitting Baseball Themes include:

Weight Transfer
Hip Turn
On Top
Stay Back

The possible baseball themes for coaches are endless. The point is that often teams show similar negative tendencies so having a common theme for that day puts extra emphasis on that area of baseball. Adding any motivational methods, as baseball themes for a day, is a sign of a coach who cares and goes the extra mile to help players adn are coaching methods that do not go unnoticed in the end.

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