Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Never Stop Coaching

“About the only problem with success is that it does not teach you how to deal with failure.” Tommy Lasorda

My one time manager, hall of famer Tommy Lasorda, had a way with words and motivation like few others. Tommy Lasorda is right on with this quote, especailly when it comes to youth star palyers, and I have seen it first hand, often. Players, who have nothing but success at the lower levels of baseball, face failure for the first time, usually beginning around the time curve balls come along in a player’s career.

Because these players have only been treated like star players, the moment negative results show up, they have trouble dealing with it. Once a player is no longer considered a star player, it is often the end for that player’s baseball career. That is unfortunate, because they obviously had talent to begin with. Treating youth players as special because of early success is often a detriment to their long range success.

Coaching Tips for Successful Youth Players

Tommy Lasorda March 2010 Spring Training Baseb...

Tommy Lasorda March 2010 Spring Training Baseball manager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Keep coaching them even though success seems to come easy
  2. Challenge them so they have to deal with failure, at times, without letting total frustration to set in
  3. Keep suggesting correct fundamentals, which young baseball players may avoid because of great athleticism.
  4. Help them keep their early success in perspective by encouraging them to work hard despite the game coming easy to them
  5. Help them deal with failure when it shows up, because that feeling is often new to them

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