Friday Five Tool Tip – Baseball Running Practice for Developing Quicker Feet and Better Running Form

It is hard to find time for everything and coaches do not want to waste valuable baseball practice time for practicing running form and speed.

Great running speed certainly can be an asset but not every player is blessed with speed. Just as important, and something that can be improved quickly, is the development of quicker feet. Most running in baseball is for short spurts, so having a quick feet and an explosive first step is all that is necessary to get a good jump when base running and for having good range in the field.

When I grew up, there obviously was not all the conditioning equipment available as to kids today, but nothing works for developing quick feet as well as what was available, and still can be found most anywhere.

baseball running practice

baseball running practice

Up Your Baseball Running Practice at Home 

Have players protect their shins with some shin guards and have them run up a flight of steps, slowly at first to get their timing and footwork, and then faster and faster. Players will notice quicker feet and better running form in no time after doing this. The advantage is that most homes have a flight of stairs somewhere in the house, so it can be easily done without packing up the car and heading out to the gym. Of course, doing this without some form of shin guards is OK, but just one misstep will take the fun out of it for kids, after they smash their shin a time or two.

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