Friday Conditioning Tips – Two Birds with One Drill

Most ballplayers do not like to run laps, do sprints, or do much conditioning for baseball, but baseball requires better conditioning than many think. Sprinting 60 or 90 yards, as going from home to second or third base, requires fine-tuned athletes.

Skymark Stadium in Kobe, Japan, from the outfi...

Skymark Stadium in Kobe, Japan, from the outfield bleachers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, most players love to throw runners out at home plate from the outfield, as that is one of the most exciting plays in baseball.

A fun drill that works to condition the legs and arm at the same time is to have players set up in the outfield and hit ranging fly and ground balls to them, with the intention of throwing runners out at the plate. Obviously, their arms and legs get a good workout without them even realizing the main intent of the drill. Setting them the distance from home where they can make the throw in the air or with just one hop is ideal before hitting balls.

Of course, players should loosen their arms and legs beforehand, and this is good drill at the end of practices. Running and long toss at the same time is great baseball conditioning.


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