Baseball Coaching Rules to Manage Kids’ Attention, Expectations, Burnout, and more


Patience – 3 Second rule – Before yelling what kids should have done in a specific situation, this slight pause allows coaches to gather their emotions and thoughts before informing kids where they went wrong. Being too quick on the draw may lead to actions and words that coaches regret later.

Attention – 3 Minute Rule – Keep talks to 3 minutes or less, which is about the limit of attention span for young players. Breaking talks into smaller segments, with activity in between, works much better.

Baseball Coaching Rules that Work

Expectations – 3 Week Rule – When trying to get kids to change a habit, coaches should not expect kids to change muscle memory overnight. Have patience and give kids the 3-week goal.

Burnout – 3 Month Rule – Coaches and parents should not forget to give players a three month break from a sport during the year – biggest cause of burnout is year round playing.

Give Your Kid a Break – 3 Year Rule – For parents who have coached their child for three consecutive years, a break is advised so kids can experience coaching from another.

Following these baseball coaching rules gain the respect of all and keep the baseball season and enjoyable one for players, parents and coaches, the object of coaching in the first place.


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