Thursday Throwing Tips – Keeping Baseball Arm Injuries At Arm’s Length

3 Common Throwing traps that destroy arms

  1. Throw through it – Parents and coaches often have kids just throw through the pain, when kids complain of a sore arm. Adults should realize that arm pain is not normal and often the first sign of serious arm injury. Solution – have players rest instead.


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  2. Not enough pitchers and using ace too much – This generally a travel ball issue, where coaches limit the number of players on the team so all get enough playing time. However, these teams often get into the season short on pitching because of a number of reasons including: injury, players missing games, long run in tournaments. The result is over use of pitchers and especially the ace pitcher on the staff. Solution -Carry extra player
  3. Overuse or underuse – Overuse is obvious – without using proper rest and inning and pitch counts, pitchers are at great risk of injury form overuse. Solution – Pitch and inning counts with appropriate rest days. On the flip side, coaches occasionally have kids pitch, who are not really pitchers, or, who have not pitched in a while, and  proceed to over pitch them, thinking their arms are fresh. Solution – any possible pitchers should continue to practice pitching at practice and away from games to stay ready for extra exertion pitching requires.


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