Thursday Throwing Tips – Pitching Accuracy Drill

Almost all kids enjoy pitching, but not necessarily pitching in games. Some baseball players have fear of being on the hill pitching in games because of fear of hitting batters, or they just do not want the added pressure of in game pitching. However, as mentioned, most enjoy practicing pitching and it is a great way to practice throwing mechanics without players becoming bored. Another thing that kids enjoy is little contests and competition that enhance the enjoyment of practice.

Fun and Effective Pitching Drill

After warming up their arm, player begins 8 feet in front of their normal pitching distance. With every strike thrown, players retreat one-step towards regular pitching distance. With every non-strike thrown, players move the one-step closer to home plate. The goal is to get to regular pitching distance as quickly as possible and then to stay at that distance, which means all strikes of course.

Players can be rewarded with a two-step retreat when off speed pitches are strikes. Coaches must watch to make sure players throw hard, as in games, and not just aim the ball. In addition, coaches can use their imagination and add different little rules to this drill. I will sometimes have players keep going back from their regulation pitching distance and see if they can get to major league pitching distance with this accuracy drill.


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