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As I have written about before, I am not a proponent of using running as punishment. This is especially true when it comes to poor performance on the field. However, there comes a time when it does make the necessary point for off the field issues. To coaches and classroom teachers for that matter, there is nothing more upsetting than having kids talking or giggling with one another, when adults are talking about or demonstrating an important aspect of the game. Often there is no way of truly knowing if kids are paying attention but when it is obvious they are not because of this rude behavior, something must be done.

Indore Coaching Depot

Indore Coaching Depot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coaching Rule #1

A great rule to institute from day one of practice is that when kids talk or giggle among themselves as coaches are talking, it is an immediate lap around the field for the whole team. Of course, other coaches and parents are often guilty of the same rude practice, so it applies to them as well; however, the team always does the running. The point is “made” and players will pass the word of this rule on to their parents in no time.


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