Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – Three Motivational Baseball Secrets

Negative motivation, when adults threaten to take something away when players do not perform well is never the way to go. Unfortunately, that type behavior exists and is more prevalent than people think. Often, adults themselves do not realize they are behaving that way, but kids usually recognize it. It all starts with taking away attention from players, usually in the form of ignoring underperforming players for a period after their performance. Giving kids the “cold shoulder” after they did not meet adults’ expectations is prevalent in many sporting situations. It is important for adults to make sure they are not doing that to kids as it often leads to the end of some kids’ desire to play sports. Disappointing adults, because of a lack of good performance, is not worth it for many youth players.

Two baseball players from Waseda University's ...

Two baseball players from Waseda University’s baseball team, catcher J. Nagano and second baseman J. Kuji. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three keys to motivation:

  1. Attention – showing kids one cares by never ignoring kids based on their performance is a good start.
  2. Optimism – showing a never give up attitude to players is the only way to go – “You will find a way” and “I always believe in you” are necessary and constant adult statements.
  3. Knowledge – another necessary ingredient to help motivate kids is knowledge. Having greater understanding of situations and skills gives players the necessary confidence to go on, especially when times get tough.

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