Friday Base Running Secrets –Developing Necessary Major League Sliding Instincts

One of my favorite plays when I played major league baseball was sliding into a base. Choosing the correct sliding technique and direction based on the play at hand took skill that is not as easy as it may appear. Developing major league sliding instincts requires a good amount of concentration, often missing with players.

major league sliding tips

major league sliding tips

Some ballplayers have a knack for sliding, whereas others do not have good sliding instincts. For all players, sliding, like all aspects of baseball, is a skill that requires practice. There are different major league sliding techniques available to runners with the best technique determined by the play and/or direction of the throw.

Major League Sliding Tips

  1. Do not slide into first base, unless avoiding a tag
  2. Do not slow up before sliding
  3. Once make up mind to slide, do it – changing mind at last second often leads to injury
  4. Do not set hand(s) on ground when sliding
  5. Feet first on the rear end is recommended for most base runners and most slides
  6. Late slides are best when stealing bases, but not to where players slide past the base
  7. Pop up slides are crucial for stopping quickly and advancing on noticed errant throws
  8. Fade away slides are important for close plays when the direction of throw is evident
  9. Never slide head first into home if possible
  10. Do not set hand(s) on ground when sliding
  11. Do not trust fielders who act like a throw is not coming



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