February 26 – Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day

#1 Secret to Sport Success – Amnesia

Great players have special talents, of course. However, another thing that makes them great is that they are fearless, when in clutch situations. Before that though, the reason they are fearless is they have the ability to forget. Yes, if they dwelled on the times they were not successful, they would not be so fearless.

Amnesia is the only way to deal with baseball, a game that involves so much failure, along with some of the toughest skills to perfect, in sport.

Good coaches constantly remind players to forget the bad and remember the good, or the game will get the best of them.

This is not meant to mean that players should not learn from the past or that having confidence is not necessary, but realizing that the next game situation is the only one that counts, is the key to a successful athlete.

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