Tuesday Hitting Tips – Teaching Timing for Batting with Garage Batting Practice

It is difficult to time a baseball, and teaching hitters to time a baseball is difficult. One of the difficulties has to do with batting practice pitching. Many coaches are not very good at throwing it for one, and throwing pitches at different speeds, as players face in games, is also difficult. Often, coaches throw the exact same speed every pitch, which is only helpful when if that day’s pitcher is throwing that same speed. Additionally, regular batting practice becomes monotonous and boring over the long season, so this is a fun and beneficial way to change it up.

batting practice

batting practice

Garage Batting Practice Helps Timing

This batting practice is “garage-batting practice” because coaches have players gather all types of balls in their garage, except golf balls, and bring them to practice. It may be a little difficult for coaches to control the different weighted balls but coaches should move protective batting screen closer to help their control. Different weighted balls – tennis balls, regular baseballs, softballs, whiffle balls, etc. travel at various speeds making batting timing a priority.

Each ball travels various distances, too, making it fun and interesting for players to hit and field. With this batting practice technique, coaches can throw each ball with the same arm speed, knowing the weight of each ball creates a different speed of its own, helping players learn to adjust to different pitch speeds, which is a major goal of batting practice.

Additionally, each ball type moves differently, especially outdoors in the wind, so it forces players to focus more, which is an added benefit of garage batting practice. Finally, this also is a good pregame practice method, when space is limited.

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