Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – The Difference Maker

I am not clairvoyant as sometimes I am fooled by the results, but usually, I am right with my prediction. What I am talking about is predicting whether a young player will play baseball for a long time, at least into high school, or not. Rarely, do I base my prediction on talent, although that is part of the equation, of course. Actually, the difference maker has little to do about the player.

Success at something does not guarantee love is present. I have known many young ball players, who have a great deal of success, but deep down, the game is not in their heart. They fall by the wayside, at least by the time driving and romance begins. On the other hand, many players love the game, but are not very good at it. They fall by the wayside because of a lack of talent.
Most players fall in between – some talent and some love. One thing makes the difference with whether they fall by the baseball wayside, or not. The difference maker is this “How positive the parents and coaches are.” Adults, who expect too much, nag at players to do this or that, or are never satisfied with the child’s or team’s results or effort, drive kids to the wayside before knowing if they may have had a better baseball future.

English: 080222-N-8726C-001 MILLINGTON, Tenn. ...

English: 080222-N-8726C-001 MILLINGTON, Tenn. (Feb. 22, 2008) Navy shortstop Nick Driscoll catches the frozen rope rifled from Navy catcher Steve Soares during the first of two Navy vs. Air Force games at the annual Service Academy Spring Classic baseball tournament. Navy faced teams from the Air Force, Memphis, Arkansas State, Ohio State and Seton Hall. The Midshipmen finished the tournament 2-1, placing third. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite saying – Negativity, rarely, if ever, inspires.

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