Start of season 2015 baseball drills

Baseball player’s breaks away from baseball should be coming to an end relatively soon. With the start of baseball preseason practices around the corner, coaches should prepare their baseball practice plans for the upcoming year. Of all the baseball hitting drills on one’s agenda, this is a 2015 baseball drills video that should be at the top of coach’s list.

*** One of the most common flaws of young hitters is dropping their hands before swinging. This bad habit often comes from physically weaker players, over striding or lunging at the ball. It may help to find out if the lazy hands is related to the batter’s stride by having them take a few swings on their back knee to see if the hands still drop. Whatever the cause, lazy hands leads to poor hitting fundamentals. When a batter’s hands drop initially, it throws off the coordination of the upper and lower body. Additionally, the dropping of the hands leads to a longer elbow and arm swing which makes it difficult to square the ball up, especially on higher ones.

One of the keys to hitting is the ability to swing the bat from the correct position, which promotes a compact swing by putting the bat on the correct path to any pitch. Quick, explosive hands are essential for hitting success. Of course, coaches can keep yelling for players to keep their hands up but muscle memory changes rarely happen with words. This hitting drill makes for a quick change of habits, or at least makes the point to young hitters, who often do not feel what they are doing.

Implementation of 2105 Baseball Drills for lazy hands

For this drill, coaches set a batting tee letter high directly under the player’s hands. Any lowering of the hands leads to knocking the tee over and a weak swing that only stays on one swing path.

Especially common is dropping the hands on low pitches, so it is best to begin this drill with low pitches as seen here. The initial moves of the swing should come from the circled locations and this drill helps generate and coordinate those body parts.

Players not only learn to keep their hands up, this drill activates the initial pulling action of the lower hand. As players learn this initial pull to the inside back of the ball the dropping hands problem disappears. Once players get a feel of this drill and stop knocking the back tee over, coaches can use the drill with dropped balls, flip balls and regular batting practice.

In time, hitters begin to keep their hands up and back in the correct shoulder high and back location.

Coaches should never fail to learn and implement knew youth baseball drills to help players develop and solve their hitting flaws. New drills also help to keep away practice boredom away. Continuing to challenge with good baseball drills for kids is one of the baseball signs of a caring coach.

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