At Home Hitting Practice with no Batting Tee

When I grew up, not so long ago, ha, we had no indoor batting cages or baseball academies to practice in. We had to be creative with at home hitting practice. Of course, in the summer months, we were playing baseball in some fashion outside at the local ballfield or in the backyard. I remember playing baseball games when even a couple of guys were available. We would make up ways of playing baseball no matter how many kids we had. We would use any kind of ball and designate right or left field out depending on the situation. Many a window was broken in the neighborhoods, but it was much more understandable back in the day.

Nowadays, kids rarely play baseball outside in the backyard, neighborhood. or at the local ballfields. Because of that, at home hitting practice methods are essential for the serious ballplayer. Having practice techniques that help the hitting fundamentals can go a long way, especially when players do not have a batting tee station in their home, basement, or garage. Following are some great at home hitting practice tips when players do not have a batting tee available or when backyard baseball is not possible. The best news about these batting tips is that one does not have to have a ton of room to do them, nor is there a ball that can do damage to the house.


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At home hitting practice

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