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How to Develop Fast Hips for Hitting – Day 4 Video

How to Develop Fast Hips

https://youtu.be/45Vk7UhgJf8 There is only one way to develop fast hips for hitting a baseball - practice. Not only practice, incorporate the correct drills that force the correct hip turn. Then and only then will players begin to see the power they have to hit a baseball consistently and with … [Read More...]

7 Days to a Great Hip Turn – Day 3 – Video

hip turn drill

https://youtu.be/VPuDW3ObBvc Today's hip turn drill will make sure ballplayers get a full hip rotation as it forces them to finish their baseball swing. In order to see the bat come all the way around to the middle of their back, they will have to fully turn, keep their head in and stay … [Read More...]

Fix It – Hip Rotation Drill – Day 2 Video

Hip Rotation Drill

https://youtu.be/2V4waizaRXc Here is the second hitting hip rotation drill to help your players achieve the explosiveness and turn necessary to square up the baseball and drive it. Combining each of the hip rotation drills will guarantee that players learn to get maximum bat speed over a … [Read More...]

Teaching Baseball Hitting Hip Rotation – Day 1 Video

Baseball Hitting Hip Rotation

https://youtu.be/yBX_IIqhl4M For the next seven days, I will give you a baseball hitting drill that will help your ballplayers with their baseball hitting hip rotation. They will learn to open their hips correctly and more explosively. Rarely, is the solution to a problem fixed with just one … [Read More...]