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Glide and Load [Prepare to Hit]

Prepare to Swing

https://youtu.be/MDe6S4ZTsO0 Another Drill to Help Batters Prepare to Hit Here is another great way to help players develop rhythm while loading the bat to swing. In this video, you will notice the hands are moving back as the stride is going forward in a smooth manner. Most inexperienced hitters … [Read More...]

Prepare to Swing like Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson Drill

https://youtu.be/zgZYGwriRJY Josh Donaldson Style No one can argue with the way Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays prepares to swing with his great career and hitting success. His method of swing preparation is only for advanced players as there are a lot of moving parts. but it is worth it … [Read More...]

Coaching Know-how is Crucial [Coaches Must Bring It]

Coaching know-how

https://youtu.be/QeoffcwwZ50 The Coaching Know-how to survive and get players to buy in Without the coaching know-how to handle so many issues that pop up in today's youth sports environment, youth coaches have no chance of surviving, or at the least, having any fun themselves. So often I hear … [Read More...]

Sports Coaching Issues You will Face

Sports Coaching Issues

    https://youtu.be/t2fNcYIz6To Sports Coaching Issues - Are You Ready for Them Most youth sports coaches are unprepared for the many sports coaching issues they will encounter. Youth sports coaching is about teaching life lessons too, not just what goes on, on the … [Read More...]