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Take it from Tony Dungy [Book Trailer Video 2]

https://youtu.be/DapQJVVGBDY Tony Dungy Philosophy Tony Dungy gives youth sports coaches a great lesson. “What the heck are you guys doing – you are embarrassing me, we are going to run and run when this game is over.” -typical youth sports' coach statement. Anyone who has been around youth … [Read More...]

How to be the Best Coach You can Be [Book Trailer Day 1]

youth sports coaching handbook

https://youtu.be/35HTgLYiLwM The Best Coach You can be I want to help you become the best coach you can be - bar none. Over the next few days I wanted to share with those interested in youth sports a little about the project I just completed - my new book creating a season to remember: The New … [Read More...]

Hoppity-Hop Hitting [Developing Rhythm to Swing]

https://youtu.be/TMX43GUt52k Hoppity Hop Hitting Drill   Here is another hitting drill, the hoppity-hop hitting drill which is fun and effective for young players. This hitting drill allows batters to load the bat with the lower body and teaches them rhythm and balance along with … [Read More...]

How to Prepare Hitter’s to Swing – Day 4 Hitting Drill [Video]

https://youtu.be/TMX43GUt52k Top Hitting Drills Another fine drill that helps hitters learn to prepare to swing with rhythm and power. With this drill, batters take a little hop forward as the pitcher begins their motion towards home plate and then they hop back to their rear leg building up their … [Read More...]