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What You can do When Hitting Popups – 7 Days to Fix it Video

When hitting popups

https://youtu.be/qW4DqYiFWUs When Hitting Popups - What to Do There is good news and bad when hitting too many popups. The bad news is that popups are the easiest way to make an out besides strikeouts. The good news is that batters are very close to squaring up the ball and putting it into the air … [Read More...]

Funniest Home Baseball Videos – In Need of a Laugh?

Funniest Home Baseball Videos

In need of a Friday laugh - Baseball Style - Watch this from my funniest home baseball videos https://youtu.be/GtlD6cEHIgw Funniest Home Baseball Videos Rap time hitting video helps kids develop confidence as hitters with hitting tips and hitting drills that the pros do. Rap time hitting … [Read More...]

Advanced Hip Turn Hitting Drill – Final Video of Series

https://youtu.be/nr6Rj0lf3q4 In this our last hip rotation video, coaches will need two batting tees. This drill will make sure players swing path is correct, as they open their hips. If batters pull off the ball or fail to open their hips correctly, they will not get the bat barrel through to … [Read More...]

Teaching Baseball Hitting Hip Rotation – Day 1 Video

Baseball Hitting Hip Rotation

https://youtu.be/yBX_IIqhl4M For the next seven days, I will give you a baseball hitting drill that will help your ballplayers with their baseball hitting hip rotation. They will learn to open their hips correctly and more explosively. Rarely, is the solution to a problem fixed with just one … [Read More...]