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Let’s get Rid of the Easy Outs – No More Popups Video 5

No more popups

https://youtu.be/pKl33PTXQ0E Today's hitting drill can be used for a few things, as it helps prevent batters from rolling their wrists early. Every time a ballplayer hits a ball sky high, everyone assumes they dropped under the pitched ball. However, popups are not always caused by hitters … [Read More...]

Sick & Tired of Seeing Popups? – Try This Drill – Video 4

No More Popups Hitting Drill

    https://youtu.be/MhDWzTQkSzE There are no quick fixes for young ballplayers and often not for experienced major league players either. The fix comes from finding the best hitting drill or drills that address the batter's problem. When their hitting problem seems to be many … [Read More...]

Tired of Hitting Popups – Try This Hitting Drill – Day 3

Hitting Drills for Kids

  https://youtu.be/xowAYmUdz3I This is one of my favorite hitting drills because it helps players understand a number of important hitting concepts. First, it forces a weight shift, which is something that many young ballplayers fail to do or understand.  Second, this drill prevents the … [Read More...]

Tired of Seeing Your Son Hitting Popups? Day 2 Video

Tired of Seeing Popups

https://youtu.be/Qlf93PMstoU Many kids drop their hands before beginning the baseball swing, which usually leads to a great number of popped up balls, if not strikeouts. No matter how many times you tell them to keep their hands up, they cannot do it, at least on the pitched ball. To help … [Read More...]